• JELISA (Jurnal Edukasi dan Literasi Bahasa)

    Jurnal Edukasi dan Literasi Bahasa diterbitkan oleh Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia Universitas Mahaputra Muhammad Yamin Solok. Jurnal ini berisi artikel ilmiah dalam bidang ilmu pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia

  • Eduscience Development Journal (EDJ)

    Eduscience Development Journal (EDJ) adalah sebuah sarana untuk mempublikasikan hasil penelitian dan artikel dalam bidang IPA dan Pendidikan bagi mahasiswa, guru, dosen, peneliti dan praktisi dibidang IPA (Biologi, Kimia, Fisika, Geografi, Astronomi), Sains Terapan.

    Eduscience Development Journal (EDJ) is a means to publish research results and articles in the field of Natural Sciences and Education for students, teachers, lecturers, researchers and practitioners in the field of Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Astronomy), Applied Science.

  • English Language and Pedagogy

    Journal of English Language Pedagogy (ELP) focuses on the teaching English as  foreign Language and not limited to the areas of Education and Linguistics in general. This journal encompasses original research articles, review articles and literatures, including:

    1. English language teaching and Learning

    2. Language teaching method

    3. Education policy and development

    4. Foreign language acquisition 

    5. Linguistics and applied linguistics 

  • JUSIE (Jurnal Sosial dan Ilmu Ekonomi)

    Jurnal Sosial dan Ilmu Ekonomi (JUSIE) have registered with ISSN number 2503-1503 (Online) and 2654-6302 (Print). This journal published by PIPS Department of Mahaputra Muhammad Yamin University, Solok, West Sumatera. The focus and scope of the article of this journal is disseminating research and conceptual article in the field of economics, education and social. The primary topics will publish on this journal is :

    1. Economics Education and Policy;

    2. Social and Economic Development and Policy;

    3. Education in Society;

    4. Education Problems;  

    5. Social Problems;

    But the other relevant topics with is available. JUSIE published two number in a year by  PIPS Department of Mahaputra Muhammad Yamin, Solok, West Sumatera.